Don't ever give up. Remember what your purpose is for being here.

Live each day in the present moment, realizing who you truly are.

You do not need ego or concerns about what other people think about you.

Just be who you are.

Allow your spirit to grow so that when people or situations try to bring you down you will be a tower of strength and love will overpower everything.

Your true spirit will shine through and no matter what is going on around you, nothing will distract you or sway you from your true path...


Ne jamais abandonner. Rappelez-vous ce que votre but est d'être ici.
Vivre chaque jour dans le moment présent, la réalisation de qui vous êtes vraiment.
  Vous n'avez pas besoin de moi ou des préoccupations concernant ce que les autres pensent de vous.
Tout être qui vous êtes.
  Permettez à votre esprit de se développer de sorte que lorsque des personnes ou des situations essayer de vous ramener, vous serez un tour de force et d'amour aura plus de poids tout.
Votre véritable esprit brillera à travers et peu importe ce qui se passe autour de vous,rien ne pourra vous distraire ou de vous balancer à partir de votre vrai chemin ...


I carry your heart with me

I carry your heart with me 
I carry it in my heart 
I am never without it anywhere
I go you go, dear ONE and whatever is done
by only me is your doing, my darling
I fear no fate for you are my fate, my sweet 
I want no world for beautiful you are my world, my true
and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you
Here is the deepest secret nobody knows
Here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life, which grows
higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart
I carry your heart 
I carry it in my heart

Mother Moon 

Mother give me the strength to stand strong Give me the courage to do whats right Give me the life to live And the wisdom to give good advice
Mother give me a life to touch Give me the emotions to feel Give me the knowledge to know when its false And to know when its real
Mother give me the hand to hold Give me the heart with which to love Give me the eyes to look upon you In that glittering sky above
Mother give me someone special Give me love that knows no end Your the Goddess in the Heavens You are my mother and my closest friend
written by Tatianna Rei Moonshadow

 Dear World, 

There are so many things I would like to explain to you, so many wonders, so many incredible and exciting things. They are all one thing really, one truth, that is so simple, but needs so much traveling to get to before anyone who has forgotten it can understand it fully.

Firstly, no matter what you believe, there is one thing that unites all peoples, and that is this: the filling and beautiful feeling, the existence of love in each persons heart. It is there in everyone, everything, every person and object and idea and feeling. It is the basis of everything. It is the base substance, out of which everything else exists.

If it is not love, it is not there, it is an illusion of the ego, the mind.
This is the great truth, the wonder of life.

Secondly, how you experience reality, that intricate and subtle thing you call real, is your personal creation. You have made it of your love, it is yours wholly and fully, and will always be yours. So, in effect, you are existing inside yourself, or what you think of as your mind. In this way, everything is a reflection of an aspect of yourself, and you recognize it as this also. This means that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, only is, and it is you. Do not judge what it, do not label it, this creates separation.

In that everything is you, so you are everything.

This is a part of what is meant by 'all is one'. 

Everyone else is a part of you, and so you are a part of everyone else. The meaning of love is the recognition that that person is another facet of yourself, and you are a reflection of a part of them. In this way, love can be learnt of all things, and non-things. Fear is the separation of these parts, and the un-acceptance 'that' that is a part of what you think of as yourself. But to join these parts, painful as it may seem, is easy and fulfilling.

To fully love something you do not like or understand, that is to make it a part of yourself again, to un-break yourself. So reach out, be that thing, find it's reflection in your heart, resonate with it and love it, accept it for being there. And you will be whole again.

This is the great secret that is no secret, it is so simple, so real, you can do it today, right now. Accept it, do not fight it. Love truly is all that is, and you are love.

Love From Lindsay

Beautiful eyes, beautiful face,

I'm shy to talk to you.
You're the eagle I must watch
No matter what I do.

You're the beauty, wild and free,
The mistress of my eyes,
Rolling through exultant air,
Alone in pristine skies.

I would take you for my own
Could I but have your wings,
Could I but go where night begins
And frozen sunlight sings.

Could I but have you for my love,
How might we fly together!
But I must watch you from below
And long for you forever.
But I must be the one below
And long for you forever.

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